The LAPG insists on the United Kingdom providing a Legal Aid system that protects all the vulnerable in society. We will positively fight any unjust Government decisions or policies wherever that protection is threatened.

The LAPG set out to produce a short manifesto highlighting what the government needs to do to overturn the worst excesses of the cuts in legal aid. LAPG is realistic and does not argue that everything should come back into scope. However it has taken 41 pages to set out the steps needed to ensure a very basic level of fairness.

This manifesto prioritises vulnerable groups in society, children, disabled people and victims of domestic violence.

See the Manifesto for Legal Aid

The present system is preventing members of these groups from accessing legal representation and causing enormous damage.

Legal Aid Team! want to see the next governemnt enact the reccomendations of this manifesto so that whoever wins the election will enact it's recommendations and start the process of restoring Legal Aid.

If you'd like to see the cuts to Legal Aid reversed by our government please sign the petition: