"Legal aid is an indispensable feature of a civilised and democratic society, guaranteeing the availability of justice to all. When money and the law are in cahoots, we are all the losers."  Simon Callow

"We all know that those with few financial resources who get caught up in our legal system are the most vulnerable. Legal Aid levels the playing field so that it's not just the wealthy who receive justice."  Paterson Joseph

"As with the NHS legal aid is vital to us  as a supposed democratic nation. Health and justice should not be the preserve of the rich. Come together and stand up for your rights! No to the demise of legal aid!"  Maxine Peake

"I am honoured to be part of this film to make people more aware & more understanding of the invaluable work Legal Aid Lawyers do. Our world is a much better, fairer, stronger, smarter place with them in it, saving the day & lives everywhere…."   Sally Hawkins

"You simply cannot have a civilised society unless everyone has equal access to justice, regardless of their income. Justice cannot be allowed to become the plaything of the elite. The moment that it becomes a luxury only the rich can afford, we stop being a democracy. It's as simple as that." Chris Coltrane

"To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, right or justice." This is clause 39 of Magna Carta. I believe cuts to legal aid will certainly deny and delay justice to many people, and that can never be right."  Piryanga Burford

"The lawyers who worked with me on the Gurkha Justice Campaign always said: Without representation there can be no justice. That sentence burnt into my heart, so now I am proud to stand up for Legal Aid because without it I realise our Gurkhas wouldn't have stood a chance."    Joanna Lumley

"Legal Aid is a fundamental human right. Without it the very fabric of our society will crumble and those who cannot afford the costs will never receive true justice. It is imperative that we all voice our concerns regarding this grave legislation."     Gary Pillai

"I'm involved with this campaign because cuts to legal aid means that legal representation is now effectively beyond the financial reach of many members of society. This is entirely wrong. Please back this campaign!"  Kevin Eldon

"Legal Aid enables people to have a voice whom, without it, would be unable to defend themselves. Don't let the Government silence those who already struggle to be heard."    Pippa Evans

Jemma Redgrave


Richard Wilson